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    • Outstanding job by Mark and his team, demoing the old garage on two sides and completely rebuilding it to look exactly like the 65 year old house it is attached to. Mark’s experience with construction and dealing with the insurance companies was amazing, and eased my mind knowing there was someone who “knew the system” and did not give up until he got what he deserved. Mark is extremely fair in his quotes and prices, and it was greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark. Marty L.Jacksonville, FL

    • We contracted with Tivey Construction for renovations prior to our relocation. While it was harder to make decisions with only one site visit, we were able to proceed with calls, texts, pictures, and FaceTime. The work took longer than either of us expected due to changes on our part and some design suggestions by Mark. He is detail oriented and conscientious of making the homeowner happy with the outcome. His subs were prompt and qualified. We are delighted with our new home and with the renovations by Tivey Construction. Gail C.Jacksonville, FL

    • Mark and his team [were] really awesome and very professional. He found the leak in my bedroom very quick[ly] (BTW, 3 contractors before him [could not] find [the] leak). His proposal to fix [the] issue [were] reasonable, very detailed and professional. Thank you! Siarhei I.Jacksonville, FL

    • Mark and his team did some extensive repairs on my home while I was on the other side of the country. Mark’s expertise in all facets (construction, price estimates, insurance companies, and customer service) truly shined and still greatly appreciated (the work was done over a year ago). Mark will definitely be my first call for my next construction job!! ***Veteran Friendly*** Dom P.Jacksonville, Florida

    • Mark is indeed wonderful. He came out to the rescue when my insurance’s contractor did a poor job and water continued to leak into our bedroom from a nail through a pipe in the wall. Mark came out to the house immediately after hearing my dilemma and repaired the leak and wall in no time. He is reliable, honest, and compassionate. We will be considering hiring him again in the future if we have any remodeling projects. Thank you Mark! Erin N.Jacksonville, Florida

    • Mark Did some repair work around my house. He is honest, professional and did a great job! His character and outstanding work ethic is why he gets such great reviews. Thank you Mark for all of your help at my house! Jody S.Jacksonville, Florida

    • Tivey Construction did a great job At my house. They are honest and professional. I would definitely recommend them. Jody T.Jacksonville, Florida

    • I had Mark do several small projects in my home. Repair/replace dry wall that had water damage with some mold due to the moisture, repair wood flooring that had warped due to water damage and change the light in my kitchen from the standard builder-installed fluorescent fixture to canned LED and dropped pendant lights. He also changed out 2 toilets and installed bidets in each. He is a very meticulous worker with standards much higher than mine. I had to be the one to tell him that I found his work already way more than satisfactory otherwise he would continue “tweaking” for the perfection that only he can envision. He is completely trustworthy and I felt very comfortable giving him a key to my house so he can come and go even when I’m at work. I highly recommend him and I know who I will call whenever I need repairs done. Absolutely 5 stars! Ging S.Jacksonville, Florida

    • Professional and great work! Sonya C.Jacksonville, Florida

    • I’ve interacted with Mark Tivey for years, and I can see why customers leave such rave reviews. It takes just one meeting with Mark to understand. Mark takes great care to ensure his customers get the best quality service and the utmost personal touch. It’s a very important aspect of any business but especially with the building, additions, and renovations industry. I think most people are aware that the building, additions, and renovations industry in particular has a problem with image especially in today’s thriving economy where homeowners are improving, adding, and building at a rapid rate. Many are leery of the industry and are reticent to work with someone they don’t feel comfortable with. It’s a real treat to have someone who goes that extra mile to ensure the job is done…and, done right. I know who I’ll turn to every time! Mark Tivey and his team at Tivey Construction! David P.Atlantic Beach, FL

    • Offsite review from a client “I knew this would be a difficult project from the outset. I have previously renovated five very old houses by myself and sold all for record high prices at the time. It was thus difficult for me to relinquish control to a contractor due to my other priorities. Mark’s approach to high level estimation and design won my confidence in the face of formidable competition from well known companies. Then came the actual detailed design back and forth which Mark dealt with patiently and with great ideas until I was finally satisfied. His well presented project plan cemented the deal. Depth of experience gained from years in major construction ensures that Mark has the upper hand when dealing with dealers, sub-contractors and the inevitable unforeseen problems problems that arise during an intricate building project such as mine. I have seen Mark acquit himself well during all of the above project activities. When all else fails Mark rolls up his sleeves and takes care of business himself….something I have come to prefer as he does the job so much better than the subs. Mark’s insightful quick thinking and managerial confidence during the various crisis moments ensured that my money was not wasted. He enjoys what he does. It is easy for me to allocate the five star rating…..”

    • Amazing!!!!!Five Stars!!!!! We hired Mark and his team to complete work on our home that resulted from faulty or shoddy construction when we purchased our new construction home in 2005. Mark and his team came highly recommended by many in and around the Fleming Island area. As you may know, the best form of advertising is through “word of mouth”! We were impressed with Mark’s professionalism, his level of knowledge, and his fairness with regard to pricing. The team that worked on the project was also reliable and hard working. They made every effort to complete the project correctly, efficiently, and in a timely manner. We truly appreciate their efforts. So, if you are looking for a licensed, bonded and insured construction company who are trustworthy and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, then Tivey Construction is perfectly suited for you! ~ Susan T. Fleming Island, FL

    • Tivey did a great job for us and helped get us to closing quickly.  Thanks Mark. Andrew A.Jacksonville, Florida

    • To start with Hurricane Irma put 4ft. of water in my  house in 2017. My niece found Mark for me, after I met him and we hit it off, he went to work on my house and flood insurance companies. I  gave him free reign to act for me in the reconstruction of my house and with dealing with the insurance companies.  The walls had to be taken out of my house from the floor up to 4 feet.  he got me a whole new inside of my house and a new roof plus a new ceiling in the garage.  He was a great contractor to work with because I was living out of town most of the 10 months it took to  complete it.  I had a buyer while it was still under the reconstruction, so he had to work with two women. We both came out happy with him. YES, I would use him again and recommend him to anyone. Sandra H.Jacksonville, Florida

    • First off, I would like to start by saying that if you want a job done, Mr. Tivey is your guy. His dedication to fulfilling all aspects of the job, and performing the job professionally, is quite rare in comparison to other contractors that I have used in the past. He loves what he does, and he genuinely loves to see a job well done, and ultimately see a very happy homeowner.     Mr. Tivey is approachable and very knowledgeable, he will guide you in decision making and will communicate very well all of your options and potential budgets for each project. He gives great advice, and will advise you on other projects in your home, even if it is a job that you plan to do yourself. He can do all types of work. He will hire sub-contractors if needed, but don’t worry, he will always roll up his sleeves and do the hard work himself if possible. He will bust his you know what to make sure you are satisfied.     I have hired him twice, the first being a phenomenal job on cutting through a concrete wall in my attached garage, to add a door leading to my kitchen. The second job was adding a central heat/air vent to a room that did not have a vent at all. I know neither of those jobs sound very big, but trust me they were very complicated and detailed jobs, and Mr. Tivey did a fantastic job.     I highly recommend him due to his commitment, great work ethic, and the fact that he will be fair to the customer in all phases of planning, and performance of the job. The greatest testament of his character is that during the above mentioned door job, my kitchen floor was damaged. Upon his own discovery of the damage, he immediately began planning to lay down new replacement planks, and repaired my floor with no additional charge, all with no griping required from me. I’d like to see another contractor do that! I plan to continue using Mr. Tivey for all of my home needs.     Trust me, if you are reading this, and are trying to make a decision on a contractor, let this review and the many other great reviews he has received, seal the deal! Hire him today!       Jay B.

    • Mark, the owner of Tivey Construction has provided a detailed quote. His price didn’t increase as the project went on. What my client agreed to paying upfront is what he paid on the end. No unpleasant surprises. Work quality was top notch. The only delay in completion we experienced was due to weather. Mark’s timely communication was much appreciated. Mark really takes pride in his work and goes an extra mile to make sure the project is done properly. 5 out of 5 stars. Anya P.

    • Handyman – 5/5 Stars – I hired Mark Tivey to completely repaint and repair significant damage done by departing tenants to my 2/2 investment condo. Not only did he restore the 1448 sq.ft. to liveable condition within a week; he successfully completed the work in my absence. Karen A.

    • General Contracting – 5/5 Stars – Mark was able to provide a wide range of expertise on numerous issues I had regarding water intrusion problems. Not only did Mark repair extensive damage caused by a large roof leak, he was able to correct the non conventional issues that caused it. The scope of Marks work on my home covered Roof, drywall, interior and exterior paint, windows, doors, deck, and floors. Mark also devised a plan to regrade, and landscape my yard to provide relief of poor draining and water seepage into my home. Mark was able to use non conventional methods to alleviate issues that stem from poor construction done by a previous owner. Mark went above and beyond my expectations and was able to assist in providing a safer home for my family. Not only will I try to use Tivey Construction, Inc. for future projects, but I will recommend this company to my family and friends. Jenni M.

    • I asked Mark to remodel my mom’s bathroom to make it handicap accessible. His plans are excellent. I had to put the job on hold for a few days as some health issues have come up. Will definitely be having Mark do more jobs for my family. Patti M.

    • We remodeled our bathroom and it turned out fantastic! Quality work and a lot of time put into it. Mark was always responsive and helpful with helping us get through this remodel. We definitely will use Tivey Construction for upcoming projects. I highly recommend him and his team if you need work done. He specializes in about everything when it comes to home repairs. Donald (Frue) M.

    • 5/5 stars Kitchen Remodel Verified Review       Reran Z.

    • Professional and quality work.       Jenny L.

    • 5/5 stars       Awesome!! As a contractor, I can say Mark was top of his class. I even tried to hire him to my company.

    • Mr. Tivey is a professional on every level. It is a bonus to hire him because he is a general contractor–professional in every way! Our home is a 35-year-old remodel therefore an ongoing project. Some projects we’ve done with Mr. Tivey were projects originally done by someone else, over five years ago, and have become problematic. On each occasion Mr. Tivey assessed the situation and upon finding the root of the problem, offered the best remedy as well as the cost for the repair or project. His deep knowledge has been extremely beneficial to us. We have hired him for electrical, plumbing, flooring, roofing, irrigation work, pump work as well as normal maintenance projects. We have referred Mr. Tivey to numerous friends and they have all been happy with the work and have called him back for second projects. We are very pleased with Mr. Tivey’s work and plan for him to be our general maintenance person for our home.       Cindy M.

    • Mark does great work and explains everything he is doing. Also goes over different alternatives in handling the situation in the best way to stay on budget       Cindy K.

    • Installed 3 handicap grab bars in 2 bathrooms, did a great job in a timely fashion and I was very happy. I would recommend Mark again.       Paul A.

    • Offsite review “I had a slow leak under the sink that ruined my laminate floor in the kitchen and family room. Mark is very knowledgeable about wood floors and was very helpful in my search for the right floor which he installed. His work and professionalism ranks well beyond a ’10!’ The floors and trim are beautifully done – a definite ‘wow!’ I recommend him highly for any job. Pat”

    • Mark did a great job overall fixing a wall that was highly damaged from a prior roof leak. The repair was fairly extensive, requiring removal and replacement of interior drywall, studs and insulation as well as exterior stucco. Overall, Mark does really good work. The exterior stucco still has some cosmetic issues but all in all, I was very satisfied by not only the quality of the work, but Mark’s communication throughout the process. I would definitely call on his company for future repairs and highly recommend him to others.       Eric N.