I had Mark do several small projects in my home. Repair/replace dry wall that had water damage with some mold due to the moisture, repair wood flooring that had warped due to water damage and change the light in my kitchen from the standard builder-installed fluorescent fixture to canned LED and dropped pendant lights. He also changed out 2 toilets and installed bidets in each. He is a very meticulous worker with standards much higher than mine. I had to be the one to tell him that I found his work already way more than satisfactory otherwise he would continue “tweaking” for the perfection that only he can envision. He is completely trustworthy and I felt very comfortable giving him a key to my house so he can come and go even when I’m at work. I highly recommend him and I know who I will call whenever I need repairs done. Absolutely 5 stars!

Ging S.

Jacksonville, Florida
Several Projects Completed – Absolutely 5 Stars!

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