Offsite review from a client

“I knew this would be a difficult project from the outset.

I have previously renovated five very old houses by myself and sold all for record high prices at the time.
It was thus difficult for me to relinquish control to a contractor due to my other priorities.

Mark’s approach to high level estimation and design won my confidence in the face of formidable competition from well known companies.

Then came the actual detailed design back and forth which Mark dealt with patiently and with great ideas until I was finally satisfied.

His well presented project plan cemented the deal.

Depth of experience gained from years in major construction ensures that Mark has the upper hand when dealing with dealers, sub-contractors and the inevitable unforeseen problems problems that arise during an intricate building project such as mine.

I have seen Mark acquit himself well during all of the above project activities.

When all else fails Mark rolls up his sleeves and takes care of business himself….something I have come to prefer as he does the job so much better than the subs.

Mark’s insightful quick thinking and managerial confidence during the various crisis moments ensured that my money was not wasted.

He enjoys what he does.

It is easy for me to allocate the five star rating…..”

Mark’s approach to high level estimation and design won my confidence

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